The Top 5 Best No Root Keyloggers for Android

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What is an Android Keylogger?

An Android keylogger is a software application designed to help parents and employers monitor activity taking place on smartphones and tablets.

While there are many keylogging applications to choose from, it is important to note that many of the features listed by keylogging developers are exclusive to rooted Androids only. It is important to understand rooting before making a purchasing decision, as it has a large impact on the keyloggers useability.

How does Rooting Affect Android Keyloggers?

Rooting means that the smartphone has been modified in such a way that it allows the user to access its root files. By default however all Android devices are non-rooted.

For the most part rooting is a thing of the past because it causes too many other popular apps such as Netflix and Snapchat to malfunction.

When deciding which Android keylogger is right for you it is important to note that many of the features listed by developers are for rooted devices only.

This article is intended to demonstrate which applications have the most keylogging features for non-rooted Android’s, as rooting is no longer practical and quite often doesn’t last more than 24 hours without detection as it voids the warranty on the Android device.

5. mSpy for Android

One of the first keylogging solutions for Android, mSpy is an industry staple. Launched in London ten years ago, mSpy allowed parents to monitor their children’s smartphones as well as laptop computers.

They continue to offer an increasing lineup of social network and chat applications that rival those of FlexiSpy, and their online support is exceptional as in all our test we were able to chat with a specialist in less than five minutes.

mSpy graphic rating
  • GPS tracking.
  • Capture social networks.
  • Capture chat applications.
  • website history.
  • Capture photos
  • Capture videos.
  • Block websites.

mSpy in Review:

Although a powerful application, FlexiSpy offers even more features for the same price and their customer service no less exceptional. It seems mSpy would agree as their prices are no longer visible on the website, forcing their visitors to sign up prior to seeing what it will cost them.


4. FlexiSpy for Android

This popular keylogger offers far more features than the competition. It includes all of the features of mSpy as well as call recording, remote control and even captures call types such as FaceTime and WhatsApp audio messages.

  • Captures all social networks.
  • Captures all chat applications.
  • Captures all VOIP communication.
  • Records phone calls.
  • Records Microphone Audio.
  • Records Android’s camera.
  • Captures all keystrokes.

FlexiSpy in Review:

FlexiSpy is still the best keylogger with the most features, if price is no object or you’re not particularly tech-savvy then FlexiSpy should be a serious consideration.

If money is tight however, think twice as the monthly subscription can add up substantially before you even have the opportunity to install the software.


3. Spyzie for Android

Spyzie is newcomer to the parental monitoring application industry. They were one of the first to include a no-root WhatsApp keylogger in their applications, and they had the benefit of hindsight in regards to their business model as many keylogger developers had come and gone.

At present they offer nearly the same features of both FlexiSpy and mSpy with exception to their customer support. Those who require assistance from tech support will have to use a ticket based system, where-as the other leading competitors offer 24/7 live chat. For the tech-savvy however, the savings are worth the wait as all Android keyloggging applications typically install and operate the same.

Spyzie Graphic and Rating
  • Capture WhatsApp without root.
  • Capture social networks.
  • capture chat applications.
  • set parental controls.
  • capture Android’s webcam.
  • View call logs.
  • Capture Instagram actvity.
  • Capture LINE messages.

Spyzie in Review:

Spyzie offers just about everything one would expect from the more established developers at a significant discount. Online support however can take awhile and interested users should have enough tech know-how to install a .apk file and follow installation instructions.


2. WinSpy for Android

One of the most underrated Android monitoring applications is WinSpy. The website isn’t that flasy and the name isn’t particularly catchy either. But WinSpy has two things going for it that others don’t.

First, it is the only non-subscription keylogger that records phone calls. Second, a lifetime license of the software costs less than what other developers charge for a single month.

WinSpy Graphic and Rating
  • Records phone calls to MP3.
  • Captures audio from Android’s microphone.
  • Captures photos from the Android’s camera.
  • Track the smartphones GPS location.
  • Recovers deleted data.
  • Captures text messages.
  • Captures phone’s call log.

WinSpy in Review:

If call recording is at the top of your list and your on a limited budget you wont be dissapointed with this non-subscription one time fee keylogging solution.


1. Highster Mobile

While not the most powerful application, Highster delivers when it comes to overall value. The keylogger works regardless of whether or not the device is rooted, and once installed it captures past conversations and GPS locations that have been deleted.

It’s also one of the few applications that captures WhatsApp messages without root and installation took less than two minutes in our tests.

Highster Graphic and Rating
  • Most no-root features.
  • No-root keylogger.
  • No-root WhatsApp capture.
  • Capture social networks.
  • Capture photos & videos.
  • Recover past history.
  • Web history.
  • Call log data
  • One time payment

Highster in Review:

Our top pick for Android as it has the most features for non-rooted devices. Highster delivers a lifetime license for the price that others charge for a single month; and has been supported for nearly 10 years.

New features are being added regularly and updates are automatic, meaning you will be able to take advantage of them as they roll out. Highster also allows for device change at anytime and their step-by-step video tutorials make installation simple and easy.


To learn more about Android keylogging solutions to keep your business and family safe, be sure to visit



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