The Top 5 Best Keyloggers for Mac

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The Top 5 Mac Keyloggers

Keyloggers for Mac are nothing new, employers have used them for years to monitor employee productivity, and concerned parents have used them to track their child’s online behavior. Most Mac keyloggers have traditionally been ported from Windows PC’s, resulting in the loss of many features that couldn’t be easily incorporated into the Mac version of the keystroke logger.

In 2020 however, things have changed. Software developers are building from the ground up for Mac and no longer is the Mac OS seen as an after-thought. Not only that, the Mac versions are even better than their PC counterparts thanks to the Mac App Store and iCloud.

Mac Apps allow the keyloggers to see in which applications the keystrokes took place, while in previous versions, the report would simply state “Safari”. With the addition of iCloud users can now see activity taking place on the iPhone as well as the Mac; allowing one installation to manage data from all connected devices.

5. FlexiSpy keylogger for Mac

FlexiSpy was the first Mac OS based keylogger that offered the segregation of social networks. Prior to that the captured keystrokes lacked context, making it difficult to tell to whom and what the text was referring. FlexiSpy finally allowed users to see which keystrokes were taking place in what social network, and with the help of the screen capture feature; to whom the message was sent.

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FlexiSpy Keylogger for Mac

While FlexiSpy remains a top contender, other online accountability developers have duplicated and improved upon FlexiSpy’s signature features, and made them more affordable. Still,it is one of the few keyloggers that can boast more Mac functionality than its competitors.

  • Screen capture.
  • Record audio through Mac’s microphone.
  • Record video through Mac’s webcam.
  • Captures activity taking place via Mac apps.
  • Capture instant messages and chats.

FlexiSpy In Review: Sleek, modern and super powered, but it can’t compete with our top pick simply because it’s priced out of the market. Charging in a single month what others charge for a lifetime edition.

4. Easemon Mac Keylogger

Formerly known as Aobo Keylogger, Easemon has reinvented itself and made major improvements to what was once known as Aobo. The desktop application is a thing of the past as all keystroke reports are cloud based and can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Another large improvement is the ability to capture two-sided chats on applications such as Skype, Adium and even iMessages. While social networking messages are limited to one side only.

The keylogger also captures Mac App activity, allowing for the monitoring of any of the applications available in the Mac App Store.

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Easemon Keylogger for Mac

While those features are better than anything that was available just a few years ago, they really can’t compare with modern keyloggers that were designed from the ground-up for the Mac OS. Still a solid keylogging solution at a reasonable price.

  • Remotely control the Mac.
  • Two-sided chat capture in Skype, Adium and iMessages.
  • Cloud control panel reporting.
  • Logs texts, messages and passwords.
  • Records composed emails.
  • Can be used as a Co-worker option.

Easemon in Review: Although theyve made great progress over their previous version, it still lacks many core features that users have come to expect as standard.

3. Perfect Keylogger for Mac

Developed by BlazingToolz and one of the original keylogging solutions for Mac. Perfect Keylogger offers a solid keylogger and screenshot recorder. It is also priced well, offering a lifetime license for the same price that its competitors charge monthly.

Another compelling feature is the ability to playback screenshots as if they were a video, saving a lot time over other keyloggers that require each photo be clicked on.

While offering a solid performer with a history of updates and maintainance, Perfect Keylogger has fallen behind in a lot of areas. Most notably the inability to capture modern social networks and chat applications. Their website still boasts features such as AIM, MSN and Yahoo, all of which have been antiquated as chat applications for many years.

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Blazing Keylogger for Mac

Still, for users who are looking for a bare-bones keylogger for Mac, Perfect keylogger is a solid contender.

  • Record keystrokes.
  • Capture screenshots.
  • Send reports via email.
  • Logs websites visited.
  • Records asterisk covered passwords.
  • Invisible to Mac’s system processes.

Perfect Keylogger in Review: Sadly, Perfect keylogger is still boasting about capturing ICQ, MSN and Yahoo Messenger. I’m not even sure young people today have even know these iconic popular 90’s networks.

2. Real Time Spy for Mac

A longtime staple of Mac parental monitoring solutions, Real Time Spy keylogger offers a functional keylogging solution without sacrificing simplicity. Much like Blazing Toolz, the application is either on or off and the installation can be performed remotely or locally.

Many advanced users prefer the traditional keystroke reporting methods such as HTML, while newer users may actually find these outdated methods more complex; ultimately it’s a matter of preference.

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Real Time Spy Mac Keylogger

A solid performer, Award is a core based keylogger with the most basic options. Keystroke recording, screen capture and the recording of staple chat applications.

  • Delivery via email and FTP.
  • Reporting via HTML.
  • Captures all keystrokes including key combinations.
  • Compresses image files for efficient delivery via email.
  • IP address tracking for approximate location of the MacBook’s location.
  • Free updates for the life of the software.

Real-Time Spy in Review: A great choice when remote installation is required, but not recommended for local (physical) installation; as the top pick can do a lot more for a lot less.

1. Spyrix Keylogger for Mac

Few keyloggers can take advantage of Mac’s most recent Catalina OS like Spyrix. While others continue to update their keyloggers to make them compatible, certain features get left behind or deprecated. Not so with Spyrix, built from the ground-up for Mac’s newest OS the application offers never seen before features such as microphone recording, webcam monitoring and the complete capture of two-sided conversations.

The webcam and microphone can even be set to record upon motion or sound detection, saving the user endless hours of unnessasary research. It can also sort keystrokes by user or be set to only record specific users.

The installation process has been streamlined, there are no warnings or red flags to worry about. Spyrix is an approved Mac App. You can set it to notify users they are being monitored or simply let it run in stealth mode.

On the downside of being an approved application, Spyrix will not capture passwords. This is due to the Mac’s system limitations. You can think of Spyrix as working with Apple, ensuring a smooth experience. While other keyloggers attempt to work against Apple by manipulating the OS into doing things it wasn’t meant to do.

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Spyrix Keylogger for Mac

Spyrix for Mac can be used as a desktop application or cloud based depending on user preference. In our tests we selected the cloud control panel and found it to be simple, efficient and elegant. The reporting features worked simply and if we did not know what we were looking for, the keylogger would point out anamolous behavior; essentially pointing us in the right direction.

  • Record keystrokes.
  • Webcam recording.
  • Microphone recording.
  • Livestream webcam.
  • Two-sided chat capture.
  • Operates in stealth mode or be set to notify user.
  • Capture social network activity
  • Easy sequential installation.

Spyrix in Review: Our top pick for two years straight. There is no other keylogger for Mac that can do what Spyrix does, and the capacity to remotely capture webcam video and microphone audio is a big plus.



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